At Least One NFL Draftee Isn’t Scared Of Detroit

Of all the years to declare early for the NFL Draft, 2009 had to be a terrible year for that, because there’s the concern of being drafted by the 0-16 Detroit Lions. Although that very real danger is ever-present, it’s doubly treacherous given that the Lions have the 1st and 20th pick in the first round. USC’s Rey Maualuga has been projected in the middle of the first round, so he could conceivably land in Michigan. But he’s not worried.

Rey Maualuga, a Lions linebacker (depiction)

(A depiction of Maualuga watching the Lions lose 45-13. He is unwavered this potential reality.)

When asked about the prospect of being in the Lions defense, he didn’t pee his pants and run through the walls leaving a Maualuga-shaped hole in each adjacent room. Instead, he told the DETROIT FREE PRESS he would welcome the challenge:

“I know one person can’t change a franchise or change the way they play,” Maualuga said. “But to go there and change some things on defense would be a big deal. It’s something I can help them with, to bring an intensity to a defense.

Hopefully his agent tells him that, in Detroit, FOX doesn’t send their top beauty sideline reporter, making the phantom bump and grind way less fun. Hopefully he’s also reminded that All-American defensive tackle Shaun Cody, another former USC Trojan, was drafted by the Lions and turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment.

But, of course, many brilliant and innovating NFL fans will tell Maualuga that he shouldn’t worry, the Lions only draft wide receivers. LOL!