ASU Cheerleaders Cut From Squad Over ‘Racy’ Pix

Leave it to FOX NEWS to get to the bottom of a story that involves young, attractive females and sexy photos:

Arizona State Cheerleaders cut for racy photos on internet

(“Nothing but their bras and panties”? MY EYES! MUST. FLUSH. WITH. WATER.)

After racy photos of members of the university’s cheerleading squad were spotted on a campus blog called “The Dirty,” the school cut the squad completely, MyFOXPhoenix reported. The school’s athletic director, Lisa Love, made the decision Thursday evening. The pictures on the blog feature 6 of the cheerleaders posing in nothing but their bras and panties.

This story is great on so many levels. Fox News picking it up (of course!). The AD cutting the whole squad, including the girls who weren’t involved, for lame-o photos that aren’t approaching “racy“.

And being outed as a “campus blog.” It’s been obvious from the beginning, at least to us, that whomever is running is trolling Arizona State Facebook accounts for photos of someone, ANYONE, involved with high profile athletics. Not to mention doing the same on the juvenile, and an occasional Flickr search.

All of that will soon dry up, as will the traffic to sites like that, because athletes and hotties are now shutting everything down on the web. Trust us, they are.

*UPDATE*: Both USA TODAY’s GAME ON and Bill Ordine of the BALTIMORE SUN report that ASU denies dumping any cheerleaders.