Astros’ Ike-Inspired Shirts Show Sourness @ Selig

Right before Hurricane Ike hit the Texas shore last weekend, MLB played it safe and temporarily canceled the Astros-Cubs series scheduled for Minute Maid Park. But with so many playoff scenarios hinged on the Houston-Chicago matchup, it was decided that at least two of the games would be played in Milwaukee. Of course, nothing much happened - just Carlos Zambrano hurling a no-hitter, Ted Lilly also coming close, and the Cubbies crawling ever so closer to the NL Central crown.

Brandon Backe Astros Bud Selig

Well, the Astros weren’t pleased to play a “home” series 1200 miles away from home - and 90 miles away from Chicago. Although 23,000 fans showed up for the impromptu Sunday showdown, about 22,999 of them were pulling for the Cubs.

So on Thursday, the ‘Stros wore their feelings on their sleeves - and front & back, as they sported special shirts taking a shot at Bud Selig.

Jose De Jesus Ortiz of the HOUSTON CHRONICLE describes the fury-fueled fashions:

“We survived Ike,” the back of the (black) shirt read in red lettering atop a drawing of the radar impression of the eye of the storm.

On the front, it read: “Bud killed us,” over a red drawing of the commissioner’s bust.

Pitcher LaTroy Hawkins paid to have the shirts made, which were hanging in the locker of every player, coach and even manager Cecil Cooper when they arrived at Dolphin Stadium for the series finale against the Florida Marlins.”

A few of the players and even one of the coaches did put on the shirts. However, since the game was at the Marlins, nobody was there to see them.

Can’t wait to see these on sale at the Astros’ online store! Still, it doesn’t come close to the greatest piece of commish-related merchandise ever released: the Bud Selig/Donald Fehr seat cushion.

Meanwhile, the Bud-bashing shirts aren’t the only hot-button fashion statement influenced by the Cubs. A protest is being planned where 6,000 kids & adults wearing bright orange t-shirts will ring around Wrigley Field during the first home playoff game.

The SUN-TIMES reports that Illinois State Senator James Meeks is organizing the oval of orange to bring attention to school funding problems in the Chicago area. And he knows whose eye he’s trying to catch:

“We want the Goodyear Blimp shot,” Meeks said following a breakfast forum about Illinois school funding at the Union League Club.

“This is a national audience. We want the nation to know we have a good baseball team, but we have a problem here with our schools.”

Of course, if the Cubs win the World Series, schools, churches, hospitals and every structure in the Windy City will need funding for rebuilding, when they’re torn apart by the impending Apocalypse.