Ashley Judd Gets Motors Running w/Daytona Visit

We’re always keeping an eye out for Montreal moochers pilfering purses.

Ashley Judd really knows how to rev up the engines at Daytona:

Ashley Judd Daytona dress

• Heads up, Alfred Aboya! Or should that be - “Face Up”?

• Buffalo fans have seen Richard Zednik’s terrible throat slash before - when it happened to Sabres goalie Clint Malarchuk.

Jim Fassel is red(skin)-faced, as the ex-Washington coaching candidate heaps his scorn on Zorn & Snyder.

Larry Brown could be bouncing his way to the Bulls’ bench:

Larry Brown rainbow sweater Benny the Bull

Charlie Weis weighs in on Dana Jacobson’s jabs at Jesus.

• Such comments must be part of the Notre Dame coach’s plan to become a new man.

Springsteen + Bon Jovi + Curling = Awesome.

• It’s never fun for Clemson when the Tigers visit Chapel Hill.