Racer Ashley Force Named AOL’s Hottest Athlete

• FAST MACHINES waves the checkered flag, as Funny Car driver Ashley Force is named AOL’s Hottest Athlete:

Ashley Force

• BUGS AND CRANKS briefs us that Phillies RF Shane Victorino likes to go commando.• ARMCHAIR GM is in awe of these awesomely awesome moments from the first NFL game this season.

• Staying on the field, the AOL FANHOUSE wonders who’s the hoser running the NFL’s web site, as they catch this screen shot of the Colts scoring a rouge against the Saints:

Colts Saints 1 CFL McKenzie Bros

• The LONG BEACH PRESS-TELEGRAM fears UCLA football going the way of the NHL, as the Bruins’ home opener will be televised by Versus.• SONS OF SAM MALONE wants a penny for Elijah Dukes’ thoughts, and his ex-wife wants more in alimony and child support.

• With HGH allegations looming, 100% INJURY RATE asks if Rick Ankiel will get the same treatment as Barry Bonds:

Rick Ankiel Barry Bonds Juice

• The WILLOUGHBY (OH) NEWS-HERALD wonders if the success of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Indians will rub off on the Browns. (Wait, there was success to begin with?)• The TULSA WORLD keeps quiet so they can listen to what these football folks are probably saying right now.

• The CANADIAN PRESS reports Kobe Bryant went to Taiwan and got head & banned…er, got a headband from an aboriginal tribe:

Kobe headband Taiwan

• While over on the Chinese mainland, SPORTS BUSINESS RADIO is afoot of Nike, adidas and Li-Ning fighting for the soles of the Beijing populace.• RUMORS AND RANTS gets a kick out of previewing this weekend’s UFC 75.