Arum: Mayweather, Jr. an “ignorant, illiterate kid”

Today’s Bob Arum gave us a command performance promoting what will probably be his last superfight. Never thought I’d say this, but Arum has quite literally done the impossible. He’s somehow succeeded in convincing the media and fight fans that a fight that will generate the most money in the history of the sport could be called off.

Mayweathers and Bob Arum

(Arum digitized for your protection)

But you just knew that if the 78-year-old talked enough today, he would say some things about the Mayweathers that were wildly inappropriate. And I’m pleased to report that Arum didn’t let us down.From Arum’s interview today with Lem Satterfield at AOL FANHOUSE:

FH: Is it your understanding that the Mayweather camp, starting with his father, Floyd Sr., has accused Manny Pacquiao of steroid usage due to the fact that he’s carried his power from the lowest weight class in boxing to a seventh weight class — 147 pounds?

Arum: This whole issue has been brought up by a completley (sic), illiterate idiot, Floyd Mayweather Sr. — the father of a kid who doesn’t want to get into the ring with Manny Pacquiao.

I know, rather unfortunate misspelling.

And apparently Arum isn’t convinced Floyd, Jr., is much of a wordsmith either:

He said the Nevada State Athletic Commission under its highly respected executive director Keith Kizer is “beside themselves” over the Mayweather demands and said “their drug testing is the best in the world and it’s an insult to them.”

Arum questioned the motives and asked “who is this ignorant, illiterate kid demanding this. Who is he? This has never ever happened in professional boxing.”

Finally, even Pacquiao’s “conditioning coach” piled on with the illiterate bit.

I seriously doubt Arum’s repeated assertions. How else will the Floyds remember which ring card girls to summon to their suites after the fight?

I’m going to give the old man a pass on this one because who among hasn’t mistaken a Mayweather for a French-Canadian hockey coach in his 60s?