Artist Depicts Full Stands At New Marlins Ballpark

Fun fact about the new Marlins Stadium, for which officials broke ground on Saturday near the old Orange Bowl in Miami: The $515 million ballpark will have the lowest seating capacity in the majors at 37,000, and probably won’t be completely paid for until 2052. By which time baseball will most likely be replaced by some form of mixed martial arts/indoor football hybrid, where Jeff George will still be making an annual plea that he should be allowed to play.

So the Marlins’ 15-year quest for a new, baseball-only home seems to be at an end, and not a moment too soon. They’re renaming their current park almost on a weekly basis — today it’s LandShark Stadium (seriously) — which I’m sure is why attendance is low. The team will move in for the 2012 season, at which time they will be renamed the Miami Marlins of Anaheim.

It took until July 1 of this year for Miami-Dade County commissioners to clear the way for the sale of more than $300 million in bonds to pay for its portion of the stadium, financing which will also be shared by the City of Miami and the Marlins. Owner Jeffrey Loria is claiming that it will be a wonder for the ages, with a retractable roof, a pool, a left-field corner named “The Bermuda Triangle” (Manny Ramirez is so f*****), and four parking garages (because leaving a parking garage at the same time as thousands of other people is never a problem). Also, a top secret “water feature” project for center field, which Loria refuses to disclose. In honor of Selig’s new drug-testing policy, I predict it will look something like this:

But the big question of course is whether new digs will significantly bolster the Marlins’ woeful attendance. Anyone recall this? Or this? The team was last in attendance in 2008, and is second-to-last so far this season, averaging 18,091 fans per game after 48 games.

Anyway, check out the construction on the Marlins’ stadium webcam. Things are moving at a whirlwind pace over there!