Ron Artest Walking Out The Door In Sacramento?

SbB has been following the will-he-or-won’t-he saga of Kings forward Ron Artest and his decision on whether or not to exercise his opt-out clause, noting that he won’t take a cut in pay just to get a title. Now, the interest for his services has ratcheted up enough to where the SACRAMENTO BEE’S Sam Amick is expecting him to test the waters.

Ron Artest

Amick got Artest to respond to a Peter Vecsey column in the NEW YORK POST, with Vecsey claiming Artest would exercise that option.

“I never knew so many teams would be coming after me,” he wrote. “All I can say is I made a hundred degree turnaround.”

No guarantee he’s leaving Sacramento, obviously, and if the Maloof Brothers want to break the bank to keep him, they certainly can afford it. The question will be not whether he opts out, but who will be attempting to out-bid for his services.

Teams want lockdown defenders to make title runs; this year’s NBA Finals re-asserted the old adages about defense winning championships. I sense the odds of Artest being somewhere else next season may be something you (and Artest) can take to the bank.