Artest Tells Us His Thanksgiving Has Been Ruined

So, how have you spent your Thanksgiving holiday today? Gathered ’round the hearth with friends and family? Enjoying a turkey feast followed by the inevitable background football game? Engrossing yourself in NFL games you could care less about to escape Uncle Harry’s halotosis?

Here’s how Ron Artest has spent his:

Ron Artest Tweets About Welfare Fraud Story On Thanksgiving

Artest has been machine-gunning Tweets this afternoon about the welfare fraud investigation story about him that broke this morning.

Can’t blame Artest for questioning the timing of the newsbreaker by the INDIANAPOLIS STAR, you would think reporters could’ve waited until next week. But Artest encouraging followers to send angry emails to the author of the Indy Star piece, John Tuohy, is over-the-top and misguided.

In Tuohy’s report of the investigation, he has this from Rufus “Bud” Myers, executive director of the Indianapolis Housing Agency:

Neither Artest, a Los Angeles Lakers and former Indiana Pacers player, nor his sister have been accused of any wrongdoing, Myers said.

“As far as we are concerned, (Artest) is just a guy helping out his family,” he said. “But it is his sister’s responsibility to report it and try to recover some money if that’s the case.”

Tuohy’s piece essentially says that Artest is in the clear, that his sister is the one who could face criminal charges.

Indy’s CBS 4 affiliate hasn’t been nearly as kind, publishing this passage on its website:

According to court documents, the ex-employee sent an e-mail to the Housing and Urban Development Office in Indianapolis claiming that TriStar, under the direction of Artest, was using one of his bank accounts to pay all of Holmes-Ivey’s bills.

Tuohy leaves out the fact that the Feds think Artest may have directed his sister to apply for welfare despite the fact she was getting her bills paid by Artest.

Makes you wonder what Artest’s ex-accountant has against the NBA player, to throw him under the bus in this situation - when he was actually assisting his sister. There are worse things.

I’m not excusing Artest in any way, and there could end up being more to this story, but right now it’s hard for me to get too upset about what Artest allegedly did.