Artest Takes Cut For Title? “Not In A Million Years”

Brooks is punchy about partying over at the Playboy Mansion tonight.

• Is Ron Artest willing to give up a few bucks so he can gain an NBA title? “Not in a million years.”

Ron Artest NBA trophy

• A modeling agency wants to turn seven LPGAers into real lookers.

• Would it have been too much trouble for Mark Buehrle to pony up for Dad’s plane ticket so he could see his son’s 1,000th MLB career strikeout?

Jonathan Papelbon briefs us about the state of his stinky underwear.

Michael Strahan starts his network analyzing early, saying that ex-Giants teammate Jeremy Shockey has got to go.

• Did a Houston TV station get duped by another WWE death stunt?

• Kansas fan “White Owl” is all set to tie the knot with a young bird.

Ty Tryon tries again to take on a professional golf career.

• A couple of NBA players take bad aim at playing with guns.

Big Brown trainer Rick Dutrow Jr. is a dope for doping his other horses.

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