Artest ‘Signed’ Girlfriend From Beijing Karoake Bar

Last night Ron Artest attended the Twilight movie premiere in Los Angeles with a lovely young lady who wasn’t his wife. Last month Artest attended a similar event with the same woman.

Ron Artest Girlfriend Shin Sin

During TV interviews last night before the movie, Artest didn’t introduce the woman nor was she identified in press photos. Getty Images only referenced her as “guest.” Black entertainment gossip site had this reaction today to Artest’s choice of companionship:

Some of these NBA balers are just so BRAZEN with their sloppiness. learned that NBA baller Ron Artest has been bringing some exotic looking out with hm to red carpet events recently. The “official” word is that they WORK TOGETHER.

Ron Artest Girlfriend Photo

But one snitch suspects MORE. The insider explained, “Why are they always hugging and acting like a couple . . . that’s very DISRESPECTFUL to his wife.”

The insider continues, “Besides, I’d bet they’re f*cking.” Before joining the Lakers, Ron would NEVER be so blatant as to bring ANOTHER WOMAN to an event.

He and his wife Kimsha were together for nearly 20 years . . since the two were living together in a NYC housing.

Ron Artest's Wife Kimsha

Indeed, Kimsha can be seen with Artest and the couple’s children during a postgame interview on ESPN’s NBA Finals telecast last week.

Ron Artest Girlfriend Shin Shin

So who is this mysterious, attractive Asian woman?

She goes by ‘Shin Shin’ and was mentioned on recently:

After the game, Artest told that the funeral was for attorney Peter Lopez who died of an apparent suicide last Friday. Lopez was a well-known entertainment lawyer whose clients included Michael Jackson and Chinese singer Shin Shin, an artist signed to Artest’s label, Tru Warier Records.

Shin Shin, who is not listed as an artist on Artest’s official website for Tru Warier, originally met the NBA player during his summer visit to China in 2009.

(”Video” Artest shot with Shin Shin (Me Me) in China)

Translation from a China-based gossip website about that meeting

August 3 evening , when Artest appeared in Zhuzhou Central Island Opera House , everyone discovered that he sat next to a mysterious sexy girl , a curly , dark skin, big eyes reveals a limitless temptations. While Artest quickly told his fans that is their music partner , but this does not satisfy the curiosity of fans.

As to how and Artest met , the new new (Shin Shin) said it was a blessing, “When I am the best karaoke bars in Beijing, a performance that day, no one knows where Ron Artest will come to play, the result, after he heard me sing, you really like, so we met.

Ron Artest Girlfriend Photo

“The new new told reporters after she was not familiar with Artest, watching NBA games are not many to speak, he was powerful.

Understanding from Beijing , the new new, she kept her Artest to continue his China trip , more than 10 To the world. She also has a new understanding of Artest , “I think Artest is a very good person, very kind, not imagined frightening , and very musical, compose an Hip-pop style Songs , he in a very short period of time can finish.”

As for their relationship , said the new new just good friends, but in a song, that they are a couple, “When we sing, to the fans the feeling that a couple , like “Loving in Beijing” this song is About me and Ron Artest to meet in Beijing, experiences and feelings of the story.”

At this point, Artest also specifically for journalists sensational this song , the song , Artest Chinese singing “I want to immediately get you, I would like to have you!”

While Artest was still in China, he apparently had Shin Shin create a Twitter account:

Ron Artest girlfriend Shin Shin

A month later, Shin Shin was suddenly in L.A, with Artest and Khloe Kardashian hosting her “Welcome to L.A.!” party:

Shin Shin Welcome to LA Party

Then … nothing. No Tweets, appearances, performances or music releases from Shin Shin. (Until popping up on Artest’s arm at the E! event last month.)


What do I think of all this?

Ron Artest Girlfriend Shin Shin

My head hurts.