‘Yankee Skank’ Playing Head Games With A-Rod

As if poor little Alex Rodriguez did not already have enough to worry about — his divorce, playing baseball and being single & famous in New York City with $150 million $75 million to burn — here comes mildly famous stripper Candace Houlihan (again) telling the whole world about her involvement with the Yankee slugger.

A-Rod Candice Houlihan

The potentially libelous material — courtesy of HG at YOU BEEN BLINDED — reveals her nickname, given to her by Red Sox fans as she was climbing into a limo with A-Rod. It’s “Yankee Skank“, and it’s on “The Soup”.

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Of course, if you believe his friends, then Houlihan is the least of his worries. The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports that A-Rod was allegedly getting psychologically beaten down at home by Mrs. Rod.

Alex & Cynthia Rodriguez dinner staredown

So badly, in fact, that anonymous friends are now claiming she is the reason for Rodriguez’ distancing himself from the Latin-America culture, refusing to even *gasp* let him eat Spanish food.

Of course, the same source also said that A-Rod, after begging for a divorce for months, was finally allowed by his wife to see other people. Which makes total sense, given that that infidelity isn’t one of the primary grounds in her divorce filing.