A-Rod Re-Signs With Yankees, Stealing Media Spotlight From Barry Bonds

A-ROD TRUMPETS NY RETURN DURING BONDS INDICTMENT: Not only is A-Rod a flip-flopper, he’s an attention whore:

A-Rod arms out

On the day that the Feds indicted Barry Bonds, the ex-Yankee announced he is a Bronx Bomber once again. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED reports the new deal is worth $275 million over 10 years, a little less than the $350 million previously sought by Rodriguez and agent Scott Boras.It figures A-Rod would try to share the baseball spotlight once again. Last month, he chose Game 4 of the 2007 World Series to announce he was opting out of his previous contract with the Yanks.

Barry Bonds Helmet

With the announcement of the new contract, ESPN had been splitting their Thursday “Breaking News” coverage between Bonds and Rodriguez.If A-Rod craves the media attention so much, maybe he can double his pleasure and take a trip to BALCO’s HQ.