ARod-Madonna Sex Tape Supposedly Up For Sale

You may be a bit tired hearing about this whole ARod-Madonna mess, but here’s something that might pique your interest once again - someone is selling a supposed sex tape of the singer & slugger.

A-Rod Madonna

MERKIN SPORTS tosses along news from the UK’s DAILY STAR that a man claims to have footage of the duo doing it, and is “demanding a fortune” from the highest possible bidder.

However, the guy’s plan to make a few extra bucks could backfire, and instead of facing a fortune, he could be facing jail time.

The man says the video was shot two months ago in a friend’s flat, where A-Rod & Madonna would allegedly shack up. The man found out about the tryst, and said he installed a hidden camera to catch the couple in the act.

Unfortunately, instead of breaking the bank, the guy was breaking the law:

Legal experts say if his claims are true the lensman could face prosecution for voyeurism and burglary. One said: “If footage was obtained in this way it would be an outrageous invasion of privacy.

“But more than that he would not have had his friend’s consent to install the camera and must have entered the apartment without approval to hide it. That is burglary.

“He would be prima facie guilty of voyeurism. Instead of making a million he’d be going to jail for a few years.

The legal eagles added that there’s no firm evidence that such a video exists, and if it did, it would “probably be seized by the courts.

And honestly, is there really anybody out there who would actually want to watch A-Rod & Madonna have sex? Maybe for a good laugh or two.