ARod Ignores Negro Leagues Honor 5 Straight Yrs

The Negro Leagues Baseball Muesum’s Legacy Awards were recently announced, and Alex Rodriguez has once again been most-honored.

Negro Leagues Museum

The KANSAS CITY STAR reports “this year Rodriguez is the winner of a Josh Gibson home run award (his fifth) and an Oscar Charleston MVP award (his fourth). But he’s never been here to personally receive any of those honors.”

And, “A-Rod hasn’t confirmed he’s coming” this year, “But as of Wednesday, neither the Yankee slugger nor his representatives had said he isn’t.

Alex Rodriguez

Uh, that’s encouraging. Perhaps if the museum organizers had the good sense to line up some muscular, she-male types to assist with the awards ceremony, they wouldn’t have this problem.

Those who will be in attendance at the Jan. 12 event in Kansas City: Prince Fielder, C.C. Sabathia, and Eric Wedge (to receive the C.I. Taylor Award as American League Manager of the Year).

And the man we all adore, Minnie Minoso, will receive the Jackie Robinson Lifetime Achievement Award.

Cecil Fielder

How they couldn’t also lure Cecil Fielder, with $50 cash and some Gates BBQ, we have no idea.