A-Rod Causes A Stir With Kids Book

So what makes Alex Rodriguez a renowned children’s author all of the sudden? Because he has the juice to get on every TV talk show to promote a book he’s supposedly written?

At a Barnes & Noble store signing to pimp his new book called “Out Of The Ballpark,” the Yankees third baseman ended up having a HarperCollins publicist end questions from reporters.

When A-Rod kept answering questions, a police officer grabbed a reporter from NEWSDAY and pushed him a way, according to the NEW YORK TIMES.

As the SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY notes, Rodriguez had an appearance on NBC’s “Today” show canceled because of a “disagreement over whether there would be limits on questions that host Matt Lauer could ask.

Michael Wilbon, later in the day on ESPN’s “PTI,” summed up his take on why people like A-Rod, Terrell Owens and dozens of other athletes seem bent on expounding their “life lessons” in kids literature: “It seems like this is just an early grab at market share. If a kid reads your name enough, … then he’ll want to buy your jersey.”

Or, sell the new autographed book on eBay.