Blog Jam: Ah-nold Gets Carded In New Topps Set

Chris Olds of the ORLANDO SENTINEL deals up some kooky baseball cards, including one of Arnold Schwarzenegger as President.

Arnold Schwarzenegger baseball card

• KTRE reports on a high school basketball coach accused of having sex with student - the twist being that both coach & student are female.

Rick Reilly devotes his debut ESPN column to his drunken dad.

• AOL FANHOUSE serves up notice that Michael Jordan has requested a restraining order on the woman who keeps bugging him about her baby.

• EMQB flips around the tube & finds Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones trying out new sports for an upcoming Travel Channel show.

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC celebrates the Red Wings’ Stanley Cup victory.

• THE LEGEND OF CECILIO GUANTE believes it could be worse for Barry Zito - at least he doesn’t play in New York.

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS skips the voting booth, as a candidate in Alabama unsuccessfully runs on an anti-NCAA platform.