Armed Robbery On Back Nine of WI Golf Course

Usually when getting jacked for money for a round of golf, it’s about getting robbed by the club and caddy fees — not literally. A foursome playing at Brynwood Country Club in Milwaukee on Sunday got a shock on the 16th hole when they were approached by a gunman and forced to hand over money, according to the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL.

Brynwood Country Club

The gunman stole from two of the golfers and a caddy before running back in the woods, but the incident didn’t completely derail the golfers.

Most people, when robbed or victim of any other crime, will usually halt what they are doing entirely, but this foursome apparently decided that they were too close to the clubhouse not to finish — the club’s officials say that group finished their round despite the bogey of an experience.

The club has added security detail to the start of the course to discourage anyone without a tee time from entering it, and is encouraging members to carry cell phones on the course to report such incidents. It’s still proof you’re a well-off member of a nice country club if you’re playing through to finish a round after that particular interruption.