ASU Store Offers 73% Discount After Blowout Win

In the Arkansas town of Jonesboro, Hoppy Hoffman runs a little store called The Design Shoppe, which proudly serves the needs of the Arkansas State University community. And as a fan of the ASU Red Wolves himself, Hoppy runs a special sale on Mondays after each home football game - 1% off all merchandise for every point the Red Wolves win by.

Arkansas State Red Wolves No Sale

Well, the Red Wolves players must have wanted some really cheap t-shirts & tchotchkes very badly, as they took it to Texas Southern in an 83-10 rout on Saturday.

Do the math, and it adds up to a 73% discount. Hoppy’s bookkeepers are undoubtedly going bonkers.

But despite the sizable slash in prices, Hoppy sounded pleased with Monday’s big business. As he remarked the day after, “We had a ball with it. It was so much fun yesterday.”

Hoppy further happily describes how the customer chaos went:

It got crazy. We opened at 9:30. The people who probably got in line by 10 checked out about 1:30,” he said. “When the door opened at 9:30, I know at least 200 people filed in. It was hilarious. … It looked like they were waiting to buy rock concert tickets.

And Hoppy was all worried about sales suffering when Arkansas State dropped their “Indians” nickname.

Sure, he may have had to mightily mark down everything, but we doubt Hoppy is in any financial hole. In fact, Hoppy probably did the best single-day business he’s going to ever see in a long while. Plus, with this story being picked up by ESPN & the AP, this is the kind of awesome free advertising Hoppy can only dream of getting.

Even local TV station KAIT came down to take advantage of the low, low prices - and brought along their camera crew to document the dealings. So much for Hoppy having to buy any commercial time on Channel 8.

If future football opponents are worried about the Red Wolves running up the score, don’t be too concerned - Hoppy will only go up as far as 75% off. So, have no fear, Southern Miss - once the score hits 85-10 next Saturday, expect the Wolves to call off the dogs.

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