Arizona’s Sports Night Much Worse Than Ohio’s

If you were a sports fan in Ohio on Saturday night, watching the Buckeyes implode in a big game for the umpteenth time, you might be feeling pretty miserable right now. But, cheer up! At least you aren’t a sports fan in Arizona: that would really suck after last night.

Arizona State post-UNLV

It was a total collapse on all levels, from college to professional. If it was possible for the Cardinals to somehow have lost last night without having played their game, they would have. (Actually, it is the Cardinals and anything is possible: I should check to make sure they somehow didn’t have to forfeit last night.)

First, the Diamondbacks did what they usually do: find new an exciting ways to lose. In this case, it was their former pitcher Micah Owings doing the damage. But it wasn’t on the mound but as a pinch-hitter, as the “Player to be Named Later” in the Adam Dunn trade had an RBI double in the 10th that was the difference in the Reds’ 3-2 win over the mid-meltdown Diamondbacks.

But Arizona sports fans have come to expect that from the Diamondbacks. What was far more shocking was No. 15 Arizona State’s epic failure against UNLV, falling 23-20 when a FG attempt to extend the game into a second overtime was blocked. How unlikely was this? The ARIZONA REPUBLIC notes that UNLV had come into the game having won just one of its past 22 road games.

Think the Sun Devils were looking ahead to their next game against Georgia? And this loss sure isn’t going to help the standing of Rudy Carpenter with ASU fans (who is quickly reaching John David Booty levels of hatred by his own fans). It’s enough to drive a coach to drink, right Dennis Erickson?

To top things off, the 2-0 start by the Arizona Wildcats came to a crashing halt, although they were dealing with the juggernaut that is the previously 0-2 New Mexico Lobos. (Seat getting warm again, Coach Stoops?) Although if it wasn’t for USC, we’d all be talking about what a choke job the Pac-10 did yesterday, including going 0-4 against the MWC.

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