Arizona State Players Not Big Fans Of Film Study

This week Arizona State football coach Dennis Erickson announced that freshmen football players Lee Adams and Jamil Douglas have been suspended indefinitely from the team after being arrested on suspicion of second-degree burglary.

The incident took place on Oct. 8 and according to the Arizona State Police Department report, the football players were observed on surveillance video stealing two laptop computers and video-game equipment from a dorm room.

Adams has played in one game this season while Douglas is redshirting. added details of the crime caught on tape:

Adams can be seen stuffing an X-box under his shirt as they walk away from the room’s entrance.

Cameras also captures the pair a little while later making their way back to the dorm room.

This time Adams has a back pack and again with Douglas on look out patrol, Adams grabs what he can.

According to the police report, he stuffed the back pack with two Mac-book Pro Laptops and several video games for that system he snagged earlier.

Police said the surveillance camera was set up by someone who got upset about trash being left in the hallway and put up the camera to record 24-7.

According to the police report, Douglas was using one of the stolen laptops when the warrant was served.

Thanks to the damning video, Erickson might want to adjust those suspensions from indefinite to definite.