Arizona State’s Bogus Baseball Fight Strikes Out

With their season on the line in a winner-take-all match-up against Fresno State, it was a tense time among the Arizona State baseball team. In fact, the tension reached a point where a couple of Sun Devils players chose to duke it out even before the first pitch.

Arizona State Sun Devils baseball

But as it turns out, the pre-game fracas was a phony. Say what?

ESPN cameras caught the fight between ASU teammates Brett Wallace and Ike Davis, much to the surprise of Sun Devil fans & Fresno State Bulldogs alike. (Video can be seen here.)

But as the EAST VALLEY TRIBUNE reports, the pair admitted afterwards that the punch-up was all planned out. So, why stage a fight before the most important game of the season?

“We wanted to do it to loosen up the team a little bit and maybe get the other team to think about other things,” Davis said after the game. “It didn’t work, but it was fun.”

It certainly didn’t - Fresno State went on to win, 12-9, becoming the first 4th-ranked regional seed to make it to the College World Series.

Amazingly, this wasn’t even the first time such a stunt was used by the Sun Devils. A couple of players pseudo-slugged it out before a tournament game in 2005. So, not only was Wallace & Davis’ fight a forgery, it wasn’t even original.

These college kids really need to study how the pros do it. Worst of all for ASU fans, there was no extended cheap beer sales to be had.

So, now with all this extra CWS-less time on their hands, Davis & Wallace can contine working on their skills. We suggest joining a boxing ring - and a community theater workshop.