Lute Olson Leaves Arizona, Assistant Says Its Good To Be Young & Dumb

LUTE ZIPS OUT OF ‘ZONA; ASST. LIKES ‘EM YOUNG & DUMB: Lute Olson won’t be acting catty in the McKale Center for a while, as the Arizona coach has taken a leave of absence:

Lute Olson Arizona Wildcat statue

The ARIZONA REPUBLIC shoots news that the 73-year-old basketball coach told AD Jim Livengood that he would temporarily excuse himself from courtside. Both Olson and Livengood had said the absence wasn’t a health issue, but a “personal matter.”In the meantime, coaching duties will fall on Kevin O’Neill, who hopes this head coaching stint goes better than the last one. In his previous attempt, Kev lasted only one season running the Toronto Raptors:

Kevin O'Neill assistant coach

O’Neill hopes the Wildcats don’t think too much about Lute’s departure, saying, “Young and dumb is a good thing to be sometimes. They want to play basketball, but they are very concerned for Coach.”You heard the interim coach, ‘Cats - Play dumb!