Argentinian Soccer Brawl Gets Full Team Ejected

There have been plenty of Latin American soccer brawls over the years, but it seems hard to believe that any have been as crazy as the one that hit Bolivar, Argentina, this weekend, when referees sent off an entire team with 18 red cards following the Argentinian version of the Indiana Pacers’ Palace at Auburn Hills moment.

argentinian soccer riot

The fight came an hour into an Argentinian Primera C league match between Barracas Bolivar and General Lamadrid, when players from Lamadrid got into an argument with Barracas Bolivar fans (the kind of thing which could only happen in the hardly penned stands of Latin America). Moments later, fans from the home side began to fight with the visiting fans, including players who were watching from the stand. From there, the rest, as they say, is history. (With video after the jump.)


The referee, Lucas Di Bastiano, soon got to work punishing the players involved. Not one red card. Not two red cards. A whopping total of 18 red cards were given to the General Lamadrid side. All 11 starters were sent off, along with 7 substitutes.

Not surprisingly, the entire match was called off after the fight broke out, with Barracas Bolivar leading, 3-0.

And for the visitors, there’s even more bad news. Because the General Lamadrid ejections came via red cards, all the players who received them will also be suspended for the team’s next game, which means that the team will have to play with only its second (or third) team and youth academy.

If you think that sounds a little extreme, just check out the footage of the brawl above, with players tearing off their shirts and screaming at police while flailing wildly. It’s a pretty crazy scene.