Gilbert Arenas: Digs Olympic Gold Over NBA Ring

Gilbert Arenas has a new blog entry at this week, and writes, “I’d rather have an Olympic gold medal than an NBA ring, to be honest. I’m one of the only American basketball players that feel that way.”

Baby Dream Team

One of the only? Or the only?

The last three Olympics for the United States have been a complete debacle expressly because of the non-participation of the best NBA players. So Arenas’ admission is refreshing to say the least. Too bad you can’t count on a single NBA All-Star to share his sentiment.

Arenas also claims he knows why Scott Skiles was fired.

Scott Skiles

Agent Zero: “You seen the Bulls coach was fired? I seen that coming. One, because, what makes you great is the same thing that breaks you down. What made him great was the same thing that got him fired. He’s a disciplinarian. He’s one of those old coaches with old mentalities of run, run, run. He’s going to put you in the dirt. You make a mistake in practice, you’re gonna run. You make a mistake in this, you’re gonna run. You make a mistake in that, you’re gonna run.

When you try to build rookies and young players, that’s going to work. But for four or five years, these were the same guys. They never really got any new guys. These are the same guys … Kirk, Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, Duhon … these are the same guys that were there in 2005 when he first got there.

Eventually they’re going to be like, ‘Hey, man, we’re too old for this. We don’t want to run all damn day.’

After a while, it’s just like you’re beating a dead horse, and one day the horse is like, ‘Well, screw it. I’m not getting up. I’m just going to sit here until we get somebody else here who is going to treat me nice.’

Even more interesting is Arenas’ claim that most NBA players know which teams have coaches like Skiles, and avoid them at all costs: “It has a factor on free agency even. That’s why you never see any big-big free agents going to some of these potent teams, or these disciplinary type teams. The player’s like, ‘Well, I’m kind of old, I don’t know if I feel like doing this … I just came from over here on this other team, and we didn’t run like this.’

We don’t agree entirely. Money usually supercedes all. So if an NBA player gets offered a sh**pot of dough to play for a Skiles-type coach, he’s going to walk (no, run!) the extra mile for the green. Much like a guy like Mo Williams, who turned down an offer to play in Miami this season for bigger money in … Milwaukee (ugh).

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