Arena Football League Cancels 09 Season… Again

If the Arena Football League was a person it would no doubt be diagnosed as bi-polar. Last week news broke that the league was going to have to cancel its 2009 season due to financial problems faced by the league’s teams thanks to this wonderful economy of ours.  Then, a day later, the league came out and said that it wouldn’t be canceling the season, and the five people who became suicidal after hearing the season may be canceled breathed a sigh of relief.

(Poor Bon Jovi will have to return to his regular groupies)

Well, now those same five people are checking the knots in their nooses again. Though the official announcement isn’t expected until later today, after a vote was taken by the owners in the league on Sunday night, it’s been decided that the 2009 season will be canceled after all.


The AFL’s board of directors voted via conference call late Sunday to shut down in 2009, the source said. The AFL has 16 teams, including the Gladiators, after New Orleans folded earlier this off-season.

The source said the league voted to shut down in 2009 because too many big-name owners or teams in big-name cities said they would not return in 2009. The source said the list of definite outs included the Dallas Desperados, defending ArenaBowl champion Philadelphia Soul, Colorado Crush, Georgia Force, Chicago Rush and Cleveland.

“We couldn’t be taken seriously if we lost too many teams, especially in big markets,” the source said. “That’s what was going to happen. We needed to shut down and reorganize.”

Another factor in the decision was ESPN letting the league know that it had no plans of televising a six or eight team league if the AFL decided to soldier on after losing all of its big market teams. The owners say they fully plan on bringing the league back in 2010, but in reality, there’s no guarantee that it will happen.

I mean, after those five AFL fans I told you about earlier kill themselves, there isn’t going to be anyone around in 2010 to watch the sport.

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