Are The Cardinals Sick Of Leinart’s Sucking?

Remember all that talk that this was the season that Matt Leinart was going to shed his party boy image and get down to the business of being a franchise quarterback? You know, actually having a grasp of the offense as opposed to last season?

Matt Leinart is choking

Things haven’t been going well this training camp, and yesterday’s 3-12, 3 INT performance against the Raiders might have been the last straw: ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that the Cardinals are prepared to name Kurt Warner the starter for their regular season opener.

Maybe being a part of “The Good Sports Gang” paid off for Warner? Or maybe he’s just the best option behind a player who is quickly becoming a notorious first-round bust. Come to think of it, looking back at the three QBs taken in the first round of the 2006 NFL Draft, wouldn’t you rather have Jay Cutler versus Leinart or Vince Young? I have to think that Broncos fans are very happy in retrospect that the draft played out the way it did.

So another day, another mess in the desert. As PRO FOOTBALL TALK reports, the Anquan Boldin situation has gone from “bad” to “toxic” and now the team might be forced to admit that their “franchise quarterback” can’t cut it. But at least they have a neat stadium, right?

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