Are Mom, Sister Plotting Elin’s Escape To Sweden?

Last Friday Elin Nordegren’s mother Barbro Holmberg and her twin sister Josefin arrived at Tiger Woods‘ Orlando compound to, presumably, lend emotional support.

Barbro Holmberg Josefin Nordegren Planning To Take Elin Nordegren Back To Sweden?

(Team Elin: Strength in numbers)

But is that all they have in mind? We’ve all pondered the possibility of Elin leaving Woods and returning to her native Sweden, but can you imagine how difficult that would be if she was alone? Goes without saying that Woods and his handlers would do everything in their power to prevent her from boarding a flight bound for Stockholm.

But what if Elin’s mother, a strong-willed politician who overcame a bout with stomach pain this morning and her sister, a practicing attorney in London, came to her aid in the emotionally grueling endeavor?

Tuesday we learned that Elin and sister Josefin had recently closed on a $2M home outside Stockholm. The sale was made final almost immediately after the NATIONAL ENQUIRER piece about Woods’ infidelity hit news stands.

Was that a coincidence? In my opinion, absolutely not.

Did Elin’s sister and mother make their previously unscheduled visit merely to offer emotional support? In my opinion, absolutely not.

I think Barbro and Josefin have every intention of attempting to take Elin back to Sweden when they depart Orlando. Elin’s children are certainly a major complication in the matter, and I can’t imagine her leaving Sam and Charlie behind.

Without the assistance of mother and sister, leaving Woods and taking the children would be next to impossible. Bolstered by two family members, the game changes. Something I’m sure has crossed the mind of Woods and his handlers.

Because of Barbro’s stomach pain Tuesday morning, I doubt the departure is imminent. But I predict that Elin’s mother and sister will make every attempt to pry her and the kids away from Woods and escort them back to Sweden - before the end of the week.

Oh, and one more thing. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Team Elin said they were just taking the kids to Sweden “for the holidays”?

UPDATE: Hollie McKay of FOX NEWS sources a report that Nordegren and Tiger Woods are planning to move to Sweden: “The insider says the couple is planning to leave the country ‘very soon.’.