Are Blacks Now Abandoning Support Of Michael Vick Since His Guilty Plea

BLACKS STILL STAUNCHLY SUPPORTING VICK, OR ARE THEY? AOL’s BLACK VOICES blog conducted a poll this week on Michael Vick. The results indicate the blog’s readers are confidant Michael Vick will see a NFL field in the future (not to mention that his future endorsement career still has a fighting chance):

AOL Black Voices Blog Michael Vick

ATLANTA CONSTITUTION columnist Terence Moore, who is black, said on ESPN News on Monday that if the Falcons cut Vick, it is “going to be very, very ugly” among the team’s black fans.

Moore said the Falcons “will definitely lead the NFL in no-shows this year. I had more than a few African- Americans who have season tickets tell me right off the bat that they will not be going back (because of how the team has treated Vick).” We think we might have a bead on who Moore talked to:

Michael Vick Fans

John Kincade, who is a radio host on Atlanta’s 680 The Fan, appeared on a ESPN SportsCenter the same day to discuss the Vick case. Kincade, who is white, said, “With all due respect to Terence Moore, … he’s nuts. This town in no way, shape or form is 50-50 on the Mike Vick story and supporting Mike Vick.

Michael Vick

We lived in the Atlanta area for nearly a decade and have discussed the Vick case with numerous acquaintances there (black and white). Since Vick’s admittance of guilt, his support has crumbled - across the board. That said, we still firmly believe Al Davis or Jerry Jones will have him as starting quarterback when the 2009 season opens.