Starbury Is More Self-Absorbed Than We Thought

Look at that: Stephon Marbury is more selfish than we thought, which somehow seems impossible. At least that’s what Starbury’s older cousin is claiming in a book due out in September.


Not just any cousin, though (that would make it easy to explain this away as some guy looking to make a quick buck off his relative’s fame); Jamel Thomas, a former NBA player currently plying his trade overseas, makes the allegations in his autobiography.


[In the book] Thomas alleging that Marbury ruined a potential deal for him with the Minnesota Timberwolves. In it, Thomas includes a conversation that he allegedly had with Kevin Garnett, in which Garnett tells him how Marbury’s presence on the team spoiled his cousin’s chances of signing with Minnesota.

“Stephon’s selfish - It’s just the way he is,” Thomas told The NEWS. “He never put himself out there at all to help me. He left me out to dry. Too many false promises. I still love him, but he’s selfish.”

Thomas goes on to say that by Marbury making ridiculous contract demands the Timberwolves wanted nothing to do with him or any of his family members, which, I suppose, is why Thomas is currently playing basketball in another country.

And while it’s easy to pile on Marbury for any number of reasons, here’s a question: if Thomas had the talent to play in the NBA, wouldn’t one of the other teams sign him?

No worries, however; Thomas thinks that a book panning his cousin could be a positive thing for their relationship. And by “positive” I think he means “I never want to talk to Stephon again.”