Appalachian State Fails To Reach NCAA Tourney Selection Committee Members Under 80

APPALACHIAN STATE PLAYS OVER-65 FIELD WITH PRINT AD: Last Friday, Appalachian State took out a full page ad in the INDIANAPOLIS STAR newspaper stating its case for inclusion in March Madness (ad via SPORTS BIZ DAILY):

Appalachian State newspaper ad

Problem is, by advertising in the print media, school marketing personnel was obviously unaware that there were no members on the NCAA tournament selection committee over the age of 80. So it’s no coincidence that the Mountaineers weren’t included in the field.

Yosef the Mountaineer

Speaking of uphill battles, I’m guessing the next project for Appy State officials will be to fend off attempts from PETA to ban the school’s mascot, since it’s obvious ASU is using several road-killed raccoons to serve as the beard for “Yosef” the Mountaineer.