AOL Sports Savior Jamie Mottram Spiffs Up Mister Irrelevant

• AOL SPORTS SAVIOR MOTTRAM SPIFFS UP HIS OWN BLOG: Jamie Mottram is the man who did the impossible - make AOL Sports a must-visit. Mottram created AOL Fanhouse and in doing so made AOL a serious sports media player.

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In OUR opinion, the minute Mottram’s sports blog venture began to explode in popularity, AOL suits rushed in to take credit by folding it into the main AOL Sports area (that observo didn’t come from Mottram or any AOL Sports Blog writer - just what we see).

Jamie Mottram

Anyway, Mottram has spiffed up his personal blog: MISTER IRRELEVANT. His brother Chris (SAVED BY THE BLOG) is also a contributor. Definitely a daily stop. Mottram also co-hosts “Blog Show” on Comcast’s Washington Post TV every week.

• Will Leitch of DEADSPIN reports “Like the rest of you, we find it endlessly infuriating that, when we head to, someone starts talking to us. It’s loud, it’s obnoxious, it’s intrusive and it makes us want to keep our distance from their site. traffic now trails

Until now, we didn’t know you could do anything about it. But you can.

• DICK’S PULLS OUT OF ENDORSEMENT DEAL WITH VICK: Darren Rovell reports Dick’s (Sporting Goods) is pulling out of Michael Vick’s endorsement portfolio.

• MLS Los Angeles Galaxy President & GM Alexi Lalas to the TORONTO GLOBE & MAIL: “I think that we can … pick off hockey [in the U.S.], and then we’ll move on to the next major-league sport.

NHL notepad

Besides the Original Six cities, hockey is major league?

• The NEW YORK TIMES reports EA Sports will provide new President Peter Moore with “relocation-related expenses” from Redmond, Washington, to Redwood City, California. The move will cost the company $330,000. Moore, a former Microsoft executive, also received a $1.5M signing bonus from the company.

• The NEW YORK POST reports this week that Alex Rodriguez is buying a $25M estate in Greenwich, Connecticut, “strongly suggesting he plans on remaining” with the Yankees. The lakefront property includes a 35,000-square-foot mansion on nine acres.

• The WESTCHESTER (NY) JOURNAL NEWS reports “only a few hundred fans turned out yesterday (Sunday) to watch the final rounds,” of the LPGA HSBC Women’s World Match Play Championship at Wykagyl Country Club in New York.


Meanwhile, the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER reports a crowd of 15,132 attended Sunday’s USA Basketball intrasquad exhibition game at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas.

• Mets manager Willie Randolph told the NEWARK STAR-LEDGER that “The Bronx is Burning” is “not realistic” because “I know they have to dramatize things, but they don’t even bother to consult the guys who were there.

Doesn’t Willie know that ESPN is all-knowing?

• Stephon Marbury blog post on during his bus tour promoting the Starbury sneaker and apparel line: “Don’t listen to a journalist. Wanna know me. I let you get to know me this whole week. For real.

• I DONT LIKE YOU IN THAT WAY gets a little nasty in appraising Serena Williams’ appearance at Tom Cruise’s Scientology recruitment meeting welcoming party for David Beckham:

Serena Williams

This ‘woman’ is so butt ugly, I’m confused as to why I’m supposed to be politically correct and say nice things about her because I’m white and she’s not, or whatever other stupid reasons I’m given to not point out her ugliness any time we post about her.

THE BIG LEAD points us to PAGE SIX where we find out Marcus Allen likes heavy petting, even if he hasn’t met the nudie model (sorry to burst your bubble about ol’ Marcus fellow Kansas Citians!).

• Our Big 10 football sleeper this season (thanks to listening to Dave Smith of Sporting News Radio today): Indiana. Somehow the Hoosiers avoid both Ohio State AND Michigan on their schedule. Eight wins and bowl game somewhere other than Shreveport isn’t an impossibility.