Anybody Else Noticed How Big Salisbury’s Gotten?

Booksmith Will Leitch of DEADSPIN has your first (and only?) opportunity to glad-hand with Sean Salisbury tonight in Phoenix: “Competing with our (Deadspin) party tonight: A “Cancer Blows” charity event in Glendale hosted by Sean Salisbury and George Foreman. A noble cause, but we wonder how they will grill all that food.

Sean Salisbury No Internet

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It’s an outright tragedy that the gang from Deadspin will miss an opportunity to meet up with an esteemed member of the SHOTY’s pantheon of greats, especially considering last year’s hijinks in South Florida.

One thing if you go, don’t ask him about the Nutrisystem thing. From his alarmingly expanding wasteline (has anyone else noticed?), that’s probably a touch subject right now (we’ve also heard Salisbury recently had a bout with skin cancer).

Mike Golic

But if you see this guy, feel free to hammer him about his similar backslide (how many times you think he’s been asked about Jacobson since he’s landed?).

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