Anucha Browne Sanders Doesn’t Like Isiah Much

As somebody who grew up in Chicago during the years that the Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons we battling in the late 80’s, and then the Bulls dynasty of the 90’s, I’ve never exactly been a big fan of Isiah Thomas. I don’t care that the high school he went to is a few blocks down the street from where I live, or that he’s a local product just like Derrick Rose. He was a Piston, so I hate him.

So like many other bloggers, I enjoyed Zeke’s time with the New York Knicks because it’s always fun to see people you don’t like fall flat on their face. Plus, I’m not exactly a Knicks fan, either, so watching Isiah help destroy that franchise was an added bonus. That being said, I’m not going to pile on Thomas for his overdose on sleeping pills. Whether he did it accidentally or he was actually trying to kill himself, I don’t know, but I’m not going to get on his case for it. I’ll just let Anucha Browne Sanders — the woman who got $12 million after suing Thomas for sexual harrassment — take care of that for me.


“I’ve said all along he should have time to reflect on how badly he’s treated people over the years. Now that he’s not working, he should think about the victims of Isiah. Maybe that’s what’s going on,” Sanders told The Post.

“If he tried to commit suicide, I don’t want to pounce on him,” she said, but “I don’t feel sorry for him. You make your bed, you lie in it.”

“I don’t know what to say about it. If he’s not mentally stable, I’m not going to say anything to make it worse.  That whole environment [at Madison Square Garden], you don’t realize how sick an environment it is until you step away from it.  I just think he should probably stay and play with [the management at] Madison Square Garden. That’s where he belongs,” she said. “It’s just pitiful.”

You ever notice that as soon as somebody says they’re not going to do something, they usually tend to go ahead and do it right then. Sanders said she wasn’t going to pounce on Isiah if it was a suicide attempt, and then proceeded to rip him. Hell, I even kind of did it at the beginning of this post, saying I wouldn’t rip him and then letting Anucha do it for me.

I don’t know which one of us is worse, though I know that Browne Sanders has $12 million more reasons not to hate Isiah than I do.  So by using math we can conclude that she’s much worse than I am.

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