Anton Ferdinand South Carolina Photos Caught By West Ham Coach

SOCCER STAR MAKES BIG MISTAKE, ALSO DISOBEYS COACH: Shocking story out of England, as West Ham (London) soccer star Anton Ferdinand was spotted at a club in Columbia, South Carolina, after he told his coach he was going to visit his sick grandmother on the Isle of Wight over a recent four-day break for the team (the coach had forbade players from leaving the country).

Anton Ferdinand South Carolina West Ham

Ferdinand was discovered when the COLUMBIA (SC) STATE published a story about his appearance at a local nightspot called the Knock Knock Club.

Knock Knock Club

To make matters worse, West Ham is facing relegation after collapsing against crosstown rival Tottenham Sunday, days after Ferdinand’s transatlantic tear up.

It is an unbelievable story, I mean, who the hell flies from England to South Carolina to party in Columbia (instead of Charleston). Appalling (I’ve lived in both cities by the way).