Anti-Zell Sun-Times Contest Won By Tribune Intern

Leave it to a CHICAGO TRIBUNE intern to “punk” the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES who was running an anti-Sam Zell video contest, reports newspaper insider publication EDITOR AND PUBLISHER. Katie Hamilton landed the $1,000 first-place prize and promptly gave it to Tribune charities. We’re guessing the always-tight Trib failed to give Katie a bonus for her efforts. A full-time job would probably suffice.

Sun Times, Cubs and Chicago Tribune

Ms. Hamilton’s video was created around Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” classic. Watch it here. Sam Zell has been enemy #1 in Chicago ever since he mentioned the possible sale of naming rights to Wrigley Field. It’s like America selling one of its national parks to China.

“It’s like Macy’s and Marshall Field’s. It’s not really going to change things, but they’ll be a lot of disappointed fans,” Ms. Hamilton told the Sun-Times about a possible change. Legendary Marshall Field’s now carries the Macy’s name on its most famous store - the Chicago location.

While changing the name of Wrigley Field would be one of the dumbest moves in sports history, it makes us wonder how fans will handle the day when the stadium is no longer salvageable. A name is just that. They can change the name on a marquee but it will always be Wrigley. Fans are tired of being trampled on with expensive hot dogs and beer. The last straw was changing their favorite stadium’s name.