Anthony Kim: Winning In A John Daly Sort Of Way

Anthony Kim says that sightings of him coming home at 4 a.m. the morning of an important tournament round are like those of Bigfoot and an important Notre Dame football victory: total mythology. But the fact remains that several people say that they witnessed Kim getting back to the team hotel “sideways” at 4 in the morning on Sunday, less than five hours before his tee time for the final day of the President’s Cup.

anythony kim

This is the same Kim that, in a June, 2008 article in GOLF.COM, said he had spent five months getting sober and “cleaning up his act” so as to reach his full potential on the Tour. Well, to paraphrase Lincoln in his famous quote about General U.S. Grant, if Kim is drinking, they should have provided some of that booze to the rest of the U.S. team.

Is Anthony Kim the Kenny Powers of golf?

The U.S. beat the International team, 19 1/2 to 14 1/2, winning its third consecutive Presidents Cup on Sunday at San Francisco’s Harding Park. Kim, in the fourth match, beat Australian Robert Allenby, 5 and 3, running his record in the matches to 3-1.

And Allenby was kicking himself afterward for losing to someone who had been out all night doing Lindsay-Lohan-knows-what.

Allenby said friends here witnessed Kim getting back to the team hotel, in Allenby’s words, “sideways” at 4 in the morning, less than five hours before his scheduled tee time against Allenby at Harding Park.

“Some guys (from the U.S.) who didn’t play well played very well today,” Allenby said. Maybe we should all take the theory of Anthony Kim. Get home at 4 o’clock (in the morning) and then go shoot 6 under.”

Asked if his comments were on the record, Allenby said, “I don’t care. Ask his playing partners. Ask his team. He is the loosest cannon in that team.”

Allenby went on to call the 24-year-old Kim golf’s “current John Daly.”

Ha. But Kim responded by saying that reports of all-night carousing were “absolutely false.” Kim, on Allenby:

“He said that today? Wow. That’s pretty surprising. . . . I hope that was a joke.”

“I’m actually pretty surprised that he said that. I was in tip-top shape coming into today. When you get sat out in a match (as Kim did Saturday morning in foursomes), you’re out there to prove a point.”

Kim also denied reports that he was asked to leave a U.S. team function earlier in the week because he was a hung-over, disheveled mess.

But a U.S. player who asked not to be identified told Golfweek that U.S. captain Fred Couples told Kim in the team room one evening to either be more presentable or go back to his room. Kim, Couples confirmed, went to his room.

Now consider this GOLF.COM article from last year:

A year ago during his rookie season? You wouldn’t believe Kim was riding anywhere but down, considering how he spent his days and nights. Vodka was his drink of choice, the practice range a foreign land. “I’d go right from the course to the bar,” he says.

He played several rounds on Tour hung over, others on 45 minutes of sleep. In his professional debut at the 2006 Valero Texas Open he tied for second and figured he had the pro game licked. “Worst thing that could have happened to me,” Kim says.

The whispering campaign on Tour began: If only that kid worked harder. Damn, is he cocky.

And by “working harder” of course they mean, “stop boozing.”

Perhaps Kim was out that night with Michael Jordan, who was an assistant coach (!) for the American team, and is a big Kim booster. Anyhow, someone’s wrong here. Either it’s the people who thought they saw Kim at 4 a.m. but mistook him for someone else, or it’s Kim, who at age 24 should be looking in the rearview mirror. That fat object you see is Daly (possibly accompanied by a Hooters waitress), and you may soon be him.