Anquan Boldin OK After Getting KOed By Jets

Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin tweaked his hamstring during practice on Friday, putting his status for yesterday’s game against the Jets into some doubt. In retrospect, he probably wishes that he did sit that one out. If he remembers that he had a hamstring injury, or is even aware that he did play yesterday.

Anquan Boldin

That’s because he had his brain scrambled from a helmet-to-helmet hit from Jets’ safety Eric Smith (who also suffered a concussion on the play). It was a scary scene as Boldin was taped to a backboard and removed from the stadium. The good news is that the EAST VALLEY TRIBUNE reports that Boldin had been released from the hospital and had flown back to Arizona on a charted plane with Cardinals’ owner Bill Bidwell and his son Michael.

Video of the hit is after the jump:

Was it a dirty hit? The ARIZONA REPUBLIC’S Dan Bickley thinks so, calling it a “cheap shot. And as NEWSDAY points out, even though none of the Cardinals players would say it was dirty, based on the league’s recent crackdown on shots to the head, Smith should expect his wallet to be much lighter soon, and he might have a suspension-enforced week off to recover from ringing his own bell.

But perhaps we should be asking another question here: What are the Cardinals doing having their marquee players in the game with less than a minute to go and down by 19 points? I understand that you compete to win, and these are paid athletes. But there is absolutely no chance that they were going to make a comeback.

The only thing that could happen is what did happen: Someone getting hurt, and maybe having to miss some significant playing time. If this was a college team, everyone would be ripping Coach Ken Whisenhunt for not having his key players on the bench and away from any possible injury. Why doesn’t the same criticism apply in the NFL?