Another McNair Mistress: ‘He told me he loved me’

Nashville Police yesterday released audio tapes from a July 6 interview from another Steve McNair mistress, a woman named Leah Ignagni.

Leah Ignagni Bikini

(Ignagni booking photo (left) after felony drug bust on Aug. 24)

The interview took place a little more than a month before Ignagni was arrested for two felony drug offenses.

Leah Ignani Steve McNair Mistress Arrested On Two Felony Drug Offenses

(McNair’s second mistress also arrested on multiple felony drug charges)

Ignagni to police on July 6:

“I will say that Steve and I got pretty, um … He got pretty serious with me, as in serious texts on those nights and stuff. He thought that I was going to like break up with him and stuff throughout last week, so he would just show up at my house a lot.”

Ignagni said the McNair told her he was divorcing his wife Mechelle.

He said that he loved me and that he was going to make everything work so that he could be with me and he had some things to handle and to wait for him,” Ignagni said.

Ignagni also told police that after leaving McNair’s condo one night, she recalled a woman in a black Escalade following her home one night. That woman may have been another McNair mistress and his murderer, Sahel Kazemi.