Donaghy Abuses Our Trust; And His Little Kiddos?

Soon to be sentenced former NBA referee Tim Donaghy is getting a heaping helping of the addition of insult to jail time as his estranged wife is trying to hit him with a restraining order, the ASSOCIATED PRESS reports.

Donaghy family

Kim Donaghy claims Tim hit their children, spied on her e-mail account and threatened her with bodily harm.

Glaringly absent among the complaint is all the information Tim gave to gamblers about his wife. That she divorced him last September as opposed to last August lost some people a lot of money, I bet.

Meanwhile, the hearing for the restraining order is Monday, three weeks prior to his sentencing on April 18 for betting on NBA games in which he refereed. Sounds like a rather memorable fortnight and a half for Mr. Donaghy.

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