Mindy Not The Only Gal To Connect w/Clemens?

The whole family has now weighed in on Mindy McCready’s long-time collaboration with Roger Clemens. After Mindy first spilled the beans, her mom confirmed the coupling. Now, dear ol’ dad is putting his two cents in.

Roger Clemens Mindy McCready

The NEW YORK POST reports that Tim McCready announced the two have known each other for over a decade, and agrees that nothing intimate happened between them.

Well, not at first.

Tim says that Mindy & Roger’s relationship was purely platonic from when they first met in 1990. But things changed in 1998, when McCready broke off a year-long engagement to Dean Cain, best known for starring in the “Lois & Clark” TV series & not much else:

“I’ve been talking to Mindy about this a lot, and I can assure you that nothing went on between them physically until well after she had moved to Nashville and broken up with Dean,” he said.

“With Roger, there was a definite attraction between them. But it was an on-again, off-again thing,” Tim McCready added, noting that his daughter traveled with Clemens to Las Vegas and New York. “For Roger, once spring training comes around and the season starts, he is dedicated to baseball. So they had about three months a year when they could see each other.”

Meanwhile, the NYP dishes that Mindy wasn’t the only gal the Rocket aimed his affection at during his playing days. Angela Moyers, a former Manhattan bartender, also apparently caught the pitcher’s heart:

Angela Moyers

(Photo courtesy JAMMIE WEARING FOOL)

Sources said the Rocket helped pay the rent on the pretty brunette’s Houston apartment and continued to pal around with her after she moved to New York and landed the bar gig in 2000.

Moyers, now 30 and a Pennsylvania real-estate agent, declined to comment on whether Clemens helped foot her housing bills. Asked about the nature of their relationship, she said, “No comment.”

And it turns out Angela wasn’t the only apple of Roger’s eye:

Another gal pal, from Tampa, Fla. - on whom sources said Clemens lavished expensive gifts and flew in his private jet - could not be reached.

With all this extra-marital activity occupying his attention, it might explain why Roger was so adamant at pumping up wife Debbie with HGH. Maybe he though his drugged-up better half wouldn’t notice his affairs.

How’s that defamation of character lawsuit against Brian McNamee coming along, Rog?