Sorenstam Feeling Like Favre, Decides To Retire

Annika Sorenstam is packing up her putter & storing away her seven-iron. The golfing giantess announced that she’s retiring from the links, effective at the end of the season.

Annika Sorenstam Brett Favre

During a news conference Tuesday, the 37-year-old Sorenstam said she got the inspiration to complete her career after watching another long-time playing athlete call it quits - Brett Favre:

“I was watching his news conference, and some of the things he said, he loves competition, he’s just tired of the daily grind, and I feel the same way.”

So, does this mean we should start speculating at which tournament next year she’ll un-retire? And is she also in the running to replace Barry Switzer on Fox NFL Sunday?

Proud to be “leaving the game on her terms“, Annika added that she wants to devote more time on her other business opportunities - and to starting a family with fiancee Mike McGee, whom she plans to marry in early 2009.

Besides all that, what else will Annika be up to? Well, like most retired folks, she could take up golf.