Anna Semenovich: Great Debate Gripping Russia

If you read SbB regularly, you know former world-class Ice Dancer Anna Semenovich. After a mildly successful competitive figure skating career, she’s gone from obscure Ice Dancer to Russian showbiz celebrity. (Apparently it isn’t the same thing after all.)

Anna Semenovich Ice Dancer Huge Breasts Huge Hands Dress

(That a scarf, or a tongue?)

I’ve posted plenty of photos and videos of Semenovich over the years, but hadn’t seen this absolutely delightful dress that she wore to one of her recent performances.

Anna Semenovich Ice Dancer Turned Huge Boobed Actress and Singer

(USA Idol: Sing for record deal. USSR Idol: Sing for exterminator spray can)

That conveniently leads me to the hottest topic of debate the past decade in Russia.  Does Vladimir Putin cheat on his wife the former World Figure Skating Championships competitor have fake breasts?

Anna Semenovich Ice Dancer Turned Huge Boobed Actress and Singer

(Russians bogarted our Titan missile technology)

After looking at photos from Semenovich’s skating days, the topic is apparently the Russian version of our own “Is Johnny Weir gay?” debate.

Anna Semenovich Figure Skater After Implants Comparison

(Does Anna Semenovich have fake breasts? Is Johnny Weir gay?)

Of course, that won’t prevent Anna’s *fans* from closely examining the evidence in order to relieve their suspicion.

Anna Semenovich Figure Skater After Implants Comparison

Along with entertaining Semenovich continuing to maintain her breasts are natural.

In July, 2005, Semenovich made her most definitive declaration on the subject to Maxim magazine:

I decided that it was time to show all my heart, make a formal statement and put an end to all these conversations.

So, the official statement: breast real. Natural, clean breast of the fifth size. Options - 97-60-92. I found it strange that men and women in particular are suspected of being insincere in my chest. In my opinion, for Russian women is quite normal parameters. We in the female line in all big breasts. And my mother and my grandmother. So.

What is the woman lives with such a wealth? Interesting question. It is not easy. Above all, it is impossible to pick up clothes. I have a narrow back, and this size simply do not. I know all the shops and, as soon as there appears something suitable, I just call and I drop everything and dash for those, sorry, bra. Because, as I have said, women with large breasts have a lot. Demand exceeds supply.

I understand. Until sixteen I could not boast anything outstanding in terms of figures. Very worried, jealous girlfriend with forms. And then suddenly began to grow breasts, grow. And at some point I had decided that enough is enough, but she grew and grew. The second, third, fourth, fifth. I even got scared. But I managed to stop in time. I went through all the stages of relationship to this part of the body.

Anna Semenovich Figure Skater After Implants Comparison

Initially, when I realized what success is my bust, I’m awfully glad. But it soon became clear to me that I myself, Anna Semenovich, no interest. All stared only at this notorious chest. It seemed to me that people that something was wrong with her eyesight. This was irritating, and I began to hide her in every way, wore a shapeless robes, drawing inside underwear.

Yes, it was so boyish. Then he took a little more time, I matured and thought: why should I be ashamed of, hide and survive? Men can not be undone, and if they both like - I do not mind, see. In the end, while I was young and beautiful, you need to use it. Not in fifty years of the same pose on the cover. And so it will be something to remember.

You’re very surprised, but on the way to personal happiness, new challenges. I have found that men are afraid of me - me, the easiest and open to communication rights. Sometimes, sitting somewhere in a club or restaurant and you see an interesting guy. And he looks at you, look - you know, like in the movie you’re on my hole protrete.

Views - and is not suitable. And I send him such mental signals: Well do not be afraid, come talk about the weather - I do not bite. And he sits and looks hungry eyes. Men do not understand: hiding breasts - bad, not hiding - afraid.

Maxim has since enthusiastically followed up on the subject.

Anna Semenovich Figure Skater After Implants Comparison

Smart lady, that Semenovich. She understands that her breast defense will always be sincerity.