Anna Rawson Wouldn’t Mind A SI Swimsuit Shoot

Anna Rawson is one of the up & coming stars of the LPGA Tour. But if you haven’t had a chance to see her on the course, you may get a chance to see her in a swimsuit for SI.

Anna Rawson bikini

OOBGOLF recently sat down & chatted with the lovely LPGA rookie. During the conversation, Rawson was approached about the possibility of baring some skin for a swimsuit shoot with SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

When asked if she’d rather win a pro event or appear on the cover of SI’s swimsuit issue, Rawson preferred the tourney win. However, that doesn’t mean she would be adverse to the pictorial:

The swimsuit cover would be nice too. To even be in the SI swimsuit edition would be fun because it’s the only really legitimate swimsuit modeling you can do without being criticized.

It’s hard to believe that anyone would be complaining about seeing Anna in a swimsuit, no matter what the publication. Well, maybe Cat Fancy & Architectural Digest might be hard to explain - unless she’s talking about her pets and/or her new house.

But it’s not as if Anna is a complete stranger to magazine modeling. She’s already done some other shoots this season:

Anna Rawson

I’ve done “Men’s Health” and that comes out at the end of this month. I was in Korea for a week and I did “Golf for Women, Korea.” I just shot with “Golf For Women” but then they canceled the magazine.

Yikes. With no publication, where will Anna’s pics be proudly displayed?

I don’t know where it’s going to end up maybe it will end up in “Golf Digest” or something.

Or she might want to make sure her shots don’t end up on some golf-themed porno sites.

Anyway, Rawson also talked about the need for a caddy, since her current help has a bad hip. But for all you millions of males out there eager to follow Anna around all day, don’t send in your resumes just yet:

You know it’s hard- I don’t know if I want someone I get along with really well or someone that has experience. I just have to figure it out.

Besides, she might prefer someone of the same sex to do her dirty work, and double the attention Anna’s already getting:

My roommate from college is gorgeous. She’s an actress and I always said to her, ‘God we’d get such great PR if we could get you in some short shorts and you could carry the bag.’ But she’s so delicate and tiny that she wouldn’t last one hole carrying the bag. So they’re pretty strong- the girls out here.

Maybe she could hire a second caddy to carry the first one. Any volunteers?

Well, we fully support Anna’s decision if she chooses to show off for SI. She’ll be our new favorite golfer, right after Natalie Gulbis:

Natalie Gulbis bikini

And Diora Baird:

Diora Baird

Wait, Diora’s not a golfer? Details, schmetails.