Anna Rawson 1st In Our Hearts, 1st On The Board

Anna Rawson, 150th on the money list but 1st on our hot list, finished on top of the leaderboard after the first round of the Bell Micro Classic.

Anna Rawson bikini

Feel free to call her up to offer some congratulations.

Terrell Owens says it could’ve worked out with him & Donovan McNabb, but the Eagles QB was just too jealous of T.O.’s star power.

• Looks like Rutgers has rolled back to his rotten football ways. How’s that new stadium funding coming?

• Set a place for Sidney Crosby at your dinner table, ’cause he’s coming over with your Penguins season tickets.

• The Patriots are fuming over the latest fashion statement celebrating Bernard Pollard’s takedown of Tom Brady.

Francisco Rodriguez is about make Major League history - little did he know whose save record he was chasing. Really, he had no idea.

Shaq says he’s retiring in two years, but he already has the body to do it right now.

• But even if the Big Cactus gets too big to move, he might want to avoid getting around by golf cart. Just ask T-Wolves center Jason Collins.

Sun Yue doesn’t want to be known as the “Chinese Magic Johnson“. Instead, just call him “Monkey King.”

Ana Ivanovic has her sightlines set on becoming tennis’ $100 Million Woman.