Anna Kournikova Kind Of Competing In Triathlon

Not satisfied that she has sullied the sports world or fueled the imaginations of males aged 13-85 enough, Anna Kournikova today is a triathlete. Sort of.

Anna Kournikova

Well, maybe she’s not quite entirely a triathlete. This if for charity, so I’ll go easy, but it sounds like she only did the running part (four miles). At least that’s what I glean from the plans laid out on KOURNIKOVA.COM, your one-stop news source:

“I am running in a triathlon on South Beach on Sunday the 13th. K-Swiss is one of the sponsors of the triathlon, and I am running 4 miles of the race, and all proceeds will benefit St. Judes Children’s Hospital. After the race I’m going to be at the K-Swiss tent on the Beach signing autographs and doing some meet and greets, and then in the evening I’ll be at a K-Swiss sponsored cocktail party on a yacht in Miami Beach. I can’t wait to get to the beach and run outside, although I am not too excited about having to get up at 5am!!!”

So let’s get this straight: Running — check. Swimming — um. Biking — um. Cocktail party on a yacht — for sure!

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