Angry Albanian Soccer Fan Lights Van On Fire

ANGRY ALBANIAN ALIGHTS AUTO AS FIRE FOLKS FLOUNDER: A fired-up Albanian soccer fan burned his van after his team lost, and firemen couldn’t put out the blaze - since someone stole all their water:

Van on Fire

REUTERS reports that for Vilson Alushi, the vehicle wasn’t just transportation, but his livelihood, as his job was that of a fishmonger (i.e. one who mongers fish). The passionate footie fan vowed he would set his van on fire if Albania didn’t win or tie the Netherlands.

90+ minutes and a 1-0 loss later, Alushi doused the car with gasoline and lit it up. Firefighters in the small town of Delvine soon arrived to extinguish the blaze - only to find their hoses complete dry.

Old Fire Wagon

Apparently, nearby residents had emptied the fire station’s tank, in order to deal with the chronic water shortages that have drained the country.

The whole sad episode was like a fish-van out of water, and a fire department out of luck.