Angels Verbally Express Disinterest in Manny Grab

• The Angels really don’t want to get into Manny Ramirez acquisition hell.

Manny Ramirez pray

(”Somebody PLEASE give me a multi-million-dollar contract!“)

• Punters? We don’t need no stinking punters!

Mike Tomlin’s not so thrilled to see Santa interrupt his press conference.

Britney Spears’ ex Kevin Federline returns serve by palling up with a beach volleyball babe.

• Off-court action between a high school girls’ basketball coach & one of her players isn’t as attractive as it seems.

Brian Giles denies he put the beatdown on his now ex-girlfriend.

Darren Sharper gets on the “Naughty” list for parking his luxury SUV in a handicapped spot.

• And the winner of today’s Boise Statue of Liberty caption contest is…

Boise State Statue of Liberty

Bermans 222 Dealer, who pops up with this quip: Jimmy’s steroid injections did result in some strange side effects.

Thanks for playing. Have a merry Christmas Eve & Day.