Angels Fans Selling Their Playoff Tickets To Rabid Red Sox Fans

PRICE-PER-OUNCE OF RALLY MONKEY BRAINS SKYROCKETS: The LOS ANGELES TIMES has some less-than-breaking news for those of us living in Los Angeles County: Anaheim Angels fans are two-faced when it comes to following their team in person during the postseason *gasp*.

Angels Fan Middle Finger

LAT: “If the regular season is any indication, Angels fans might end up being more loyal to their wallet than their beloved Halos. During a three-game series in August, Angels supporters say, Boston fans nearly outnumbered them. Although most first-round series tickets range from $15 to $125, they are selling for as much as $1,500 each on EBay and StubHub. Season-ticket holders will be even more tempted to cash in.

Rally Monkey

So that’s how Angels fans treat their team for another great season. Meanwhile, the perennially-putrid Dodgers recently thanked the four million fans who showed up this season by pledging another year of Grady Little along with an offseason $80M upgrade of Dodger Stadium urinal troughs and soap dispensers.