Andy Pettitte’s HGH Probe Just Joined Club Jenna

After last week’s report on Andy Pettitte using his dad to pick up his shipments of human growth hormone, the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS digs deeper and finds out that the Yankee hurler’s childhood friend, Kelly Blair, is the one whom Tom Pettitte got his son’s HGH from.

Jenna Jameson Preying Mantis Lingerie Bowl

More interesting though is how Pettittie’s sordid HGH acquisition story somehow involves Jenna Jameson, albeit indirectly.

To sum: Blair owns a gym called 1-on-1 Fitness Partners in Pasadena, Texas, where he and Pettitte grew up, and Blair was able to procure the PEDs through various other parties, according to an anonymous whistleblower. However, Blair’s alleged links to PED sales tie back to, of all people, Roger Clemens, through his son Koby Clemens:

Besides Pettitte, the professional athletes who have stood beside Blair in pictures he proudly displayed on the wall of his gym include eight other major leaguers, several pro golfers, an NFL quarterback and various stars of the Ultimate Fighting Championship league.

Also seen working with Blair was Koby Clemens - the son of Roger Clemens, Pettitte’s close friend and the subject of much of his congressional testimony. Clemens’ spokesman Joe Householder declined to comment, but it has not been suggested Koby Clemens, now a minor league ballplayer, was linked to any illicit activity at the gym.

Boy oh boy, this gets more and more interesting by the day, doesn’t it? Pettitte admitted in the deposition to injecting himself twice daily after receiving the shipment. But Pettitte’s admission isn’t the juiciest part — there are some interesting folks and connections in Pasadena, Texas. First, on Blair’s “silent partner” in the gym, Kevin Schneider:

Schexnider was formerly employed as a doorman at Babe’s Cabaret, a strip-club owned by Jenna Jameson, the porn star and entrepreneur.

OK, the Pettitte-to-Jameson connection is a stretch, but how else are you going to entertain yourself in all of this?

More amusingly, Blair’s gym is connected even to political names:

The former mayor of Pasadena, John Manlove resigned from the mayorship last fall in order to run for the U.S. Congress seat vacated by Tom Delay, and is running on a strong law-and-order theme. Coincidentally, Manlove’s daughter, Melody Manlove, is a personal trainer and fitness model who worked at 1-on-1 Elite Personal Fitness and is one of the trainers featured at the gym’s Web site.

In a brief interview last month, Melody Manlove said she had no knowledge of the trafficking of performance-enhancing drugs at her former workplace. The day after that interview, her profile on the Myspace Web site was set to private. A box across the top of the page contained the following slogan: “Loose lips sink ships and don’t you forget it!”

Yes, I admit I’m giggling like a 12-year old. Pettitte will address the media later today; this presser will be a doozy.